Myst Metals Nickel Project

The Myst Metals nickel property is located within the Blue River ultramafic intrusive complex which extends for some 80 kilometres north and northeast of Cassiar, B.C. This ultramafic complex has good potential to host “Decar-styled” nickel-iron alloy mineralisation, occurring as the mineral awaruite (Ni3Fe). The significance of this style of deposit was identified by First Point Minerals and Cliff Resources at their Decar nickel project, located northwest of Prince George, B.C. The Decar nickel project is a large, undeveloped, low grade nickel deposit which has the potential to be mined by open pit. The nickel mineralization at the Decar nickel project occurs as widely disseminated awaruite in serpentinized peridotite host rocks. The grades are less than 0.40% Ni and the average for the deposit is 0.125% recoverable Ni.

The Myst Metals nickel project has seen limited exploration, however, from early exploration in the 1950′s, there are reports of a 4-sq-mile (10 sq km) sampling area averaging 0.24% Ni (30 assays), which occurred in serpentinized dunites and peridotites. Samples of this “oolitic serpentine” taken at the time, when polished, showed minute nodules of native nickel alloy (70%Ni and 30%Fe), likely awaruite, enclosed in or separated from larger magnetite grains. Also, there are other reports from the 1950′s of a sample of dunite taken on the Myst Metals project area from the same ultramafic intrusion outcropping there which was submitted to Mines Branch in Ottawa and was found to contain 0.33% nickel. The major nickel sulphide in the sample was identified as medium to fine grained heazlewoodite (Ni3S2).

There has been little significant exploration of PGE potential reported within these types of nickel occurrences, however, at the Dumont nickel deposit in Quebec, where nickel mineralization also occurs in serpentinized dunites, there are limited reports of significant PGE-nickel mineralization in semi-massive pyrrhotite associated with the contact between the peridotite and the footwall mafic volcanic rocks.

Minfocus has initiated prospecting in 2015 for nickel and PGE mineralization at the Myst Metals nickel project.

KBD Myst overview DSC_0872
General view of Myst Property
KBD Myst prospecting DSC_0857
Outcrop of ultramafic rock on Myst Property
Myst view down Black Friday Cr 20150611 GH IMG_1998_crop
General view of Myst Property